Olympics Betting and Odds

Wagering on the Greatest Show on Earth

At Mark Jarvis, we fully understand the popularity of the Olympic Games and offer access to a wide range of innovative and rewarding betting markets.

These markets include Winter Olympics betting too, whilst you can also wager on the Paralympics (which are now a global phenomenon that first originated during the 1948 Summer Games). So, whichever event or discipline you want to follow, you can rest assured that the team at Mark Jarvis has you covered!

Our Olympics Betting FAQ

How Often do the Olympics Take Place?

Each iteration of the Olympics takes place every four years, with the next summer event scheduled to commence in Tokyo on Friday, June 24th 2020.

The Paralympics always follows immediately after the Summer games, with the opening ceremony for the 2020 event taking place on 25th August.

If you’re interested in the Winter Olympics, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the next event as the PyeongChang games were only concluded in 2018. More specifically, the 2022 Winter Olympics will launch in Beijing on February 4th, and this will be the 22nd event of this type.

What Can I Bet on During the Olympics?

The number of sports included as part of the Summer Olympics continues to increase year-on-year, with a total of 33 scheduled to be contested in Tokyo 2020.

This extensive list will include everything from popular sports like football and basketball to more niche disciplines such as sailing, shooting, archery and judo.

The Winter Olympics features a slightly more restricted range of disciplines, with a total of 15 included as part of the 2018 games. Still, there were 102 events in total, which meant that the 2018 games were the first to surpass 100 gold medals.

What are the Newest Summer Olympic Sports?

A total of six new sports will be added in time for 2020, including karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.

From a betting perspective, however, perhaps the most interesting addition is baseball. After all, this sport already features a range of in-play and direct betting markets, whilst you’ll be able to speculate on the outcome of specific matches throughout the event.

One of the newest Summer Olympic sports is golf, which was returned to the games in 2016 after an absence of 112 years. This will also be featured in Tokyo, and the presence of some of the sports biggest names will create a huge range of betting markets.

What are the Most Popular Betting Markets for the Olympics?

Whether you follow the summer or the winter Olympics, you can rest assured that the range of available betting markets is relatively small when compared with other sports and major events.

Whilst most of the disciplines featured in the Olympics don’t generate much betting activity, however, you can still access familiar outright wagers on sports such as football, basketball and tennis.

For high-profile athletic events such as the 100m sprint, you can also wager on the runner who you believe will win gold, silver or bronze in the final. Similar markets are available across a range of alternative disciplines, so you can compare our full range to find your favourites.

What’s Olympic Prop Betting?

Prop or proposition bets refer to wagers that are placed on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific in-play event.

However, these wagers typically don’t impact directly on the outcome of a game or event, and this respect they provide a fun and effective way of increasing your bankroll.

Interestingly, one of the most exciting prop betting markets in Rio 2016 revolved around the sport or nation that incurred the most drug-related disqualifications. Similarly, you can wager on which country will win the most gold, silver or bronze medals, or speculate on the most decorated nation overall.

What are your Tips When Creating an Olympic Betting Strategy?

When looking to get to grips with Olympic betting, the first step is to focus on the sports and disciplines that you know well.

Whether you’re an avid football fan or someone with a passion for basketball, utilising your knowledge of these sports will help you to get the most from your bankroll.

Bankroll management is particularly important with Olympic betting, as the nature of individual wagers will vary from one discipline to another. So, try to plan out your standard and in-play bets in a bid to stretch your bankroll as far as possible.

We’d also recommend using data to develop an understanding of the competing nations and key performers across your chosen disciplines. After all, the Olympics is one of the most inclusive sporting events on earth, and you’ll need to learn more about those taking part if you’re to make informed betting decisions.